Cortlandt Way - World Trade Center Redevelopment

- A 300-foot-long open-air concourse and pedestrian gateway to the 9/11 Memorial 
- Approximately 20,000SF of concrete and architectural stone work
- Includes 16,000 square feet of new retail space, storm water management, custom architectural LED street lighting, landscaping, irrigation piping and controls, and telecommunications






Cortlandt Way is a 300-foot-long open-air concourse and pedestrian gateway to the 9/11 Memorial that will offer 16,000 square feet of new retail space once complete.  The scope of work consists of concrete, plumbing, electrical, architectural site work and landscaping for Cortlandt Way located between Tower 3 and Tower 4 at the World Trade Center Site. Scope specifics include, approximately 20,000SF of concrete and architectural stone work, storm water management, stainless steel lighted handrails, custom architectural LED street lighting, tree landscaping, irrigation piping and controls, telecommunications and electrical ties for the proposed stage and associated speaker systems at Liberty St. and Cortlandt Way. This is being performed and coordinated with various other trade contracts as construction continues to complete the overall master plan for the World Trade Center Redevelopment after the attacks on September 11, 2001.


Hurricane Sandy Beach Restoration DDC Contract #1 – Prefabricated Modular Buildings 

- $105m worth of construction completed in 87 days
24/7, 3 shift work schedule 
- The buildings included comfort stations,lifeguard stations and offices
The 58 ton structures were manufactured in Pennsylvania,
  trucked and barged to the sites 




Along with boardwalk and beach access renovation and repair, Triton Structural built and installed 35 prefabricated modular buildings on beaches in New York City as part of a project to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The comfort stations, lifeguard stations and offices sit on an elevated concrete pier above the sand with access provided by ramps.

The units were transported to Newark on semi trailers as “Super Loads” due to their size (approximately 58’) and weight (115,000 lbs). They were then barged to the beach and hoisted into place with the largest crane available in NYC. Despite tremendous logistical challenges, all of the setting work was done at night. 


UCSD Jacobs Medical Center

    - 605,000 overall SF
    - LEED Silver Certification
    - 2 Story CIP Central Utility Plant & Additional Renovation








This project is comprised of a 495,000-square-foot, 246-bed addition and a 40,000 square-foot Central Plant. Additionally, there are 70,000 square feet of renovations to the existing space within the adjoining Thornton Hospital. Housing a cancer hospital, hospital for advanced surgery, and a hospital for women and infants, once completed, the entire hospital will be the first of its kind in California and only one of a few of its kind in North America. Providing both structural and architectural concrete features for the project, T.B. Penick & Sons will also be collaborating to achieve LEED Silver Certification.


SDCCD Science and Technology Building

- Four stories
- LEED Gold Certification
- BIM Coordination





The San Diego City College Science Building provides a central campus facility integrating state-of-the-art lab and classroom spaces, planetarium, shared common-area, and teaching gardens. This four story facility houses laboratories on each floor. Typical laboratory types include: Information Technology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Astronomy, Physics, Mechanics, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Physiology, Marine Biology, and Anatomy.

The roof level contains a mechanical room and an outdoor courtyard for students and faculty to commune. The “L” shaped building is comprised of two separate buildings which are connected by pedestrian bridges located at each floor.

The structure consists of structural steel, CIP concrete, architectural CIP concrete, precast concrete units, steel metal stud framing, curtain walls, and aluminum framed glazing.


Scripps Ranch High School - Sustainable Technologies Building

    - 10,000 Square Feet
    - General Contractor
    - Renewable and Energy Efficient Building
    - Photovoltaic Roof on Strucutre






The new 10,000-square-foot building will incorporate sustainable design and green building strategies, using standards and characteristics from the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) in order to create a learning environment that is in concert with the Environmental Studies Program. The new facility will serve as an educational lab teaching for students about renewable technologies, such as photovoltaic panels, renewable/recycled building products, and energy efficiency; as well as providing a healthy and stimulating environment for learning.



CityCenter - Las Vegas, NV




For CityCenter T.B Penick/ Triton collaborated with the MGM Mirage Design Group, landscape architects and contractor to create the decorative concrete walls of casino circle and adjoining water displays as well as the majority of the project's exterior flatwork.

Penick/Triton installed over 10,000 yards of concrete, 480,000 SF Flatwork, which includes glass seeded Lithocrete, Bomanite imprint, and integral and gray broom finish concrete, and 10,000 Lf of pour-in-place walls, form liner and smooth finish walls, with majority of the work was completed within six months.


UC Riverside Genomics Building - Riverside, CA

- Design-Build General Contractor
- Five-story CIP educational research facility
- Concrete slabs, walls, columns, footings



This 110,321 sf state-of-the-art facility will house student and faculty research laboratories on plant, pest and microbial genomics, issues of major financial and social importance to the economy of California. Emphasis was placed on accelerating the completion of the concrete structure in order to allow early access and installation of laboratory equipment. The fast-tracked building schedule enabled us to complete the project two months ahead of schedule.


Bachelor Enlisted Quarters - Camp Pendelton Marine Base

- Design-Build General Contractor
- Constructed to meet LEED Gold requirements
- Multiple locations delivered concurrently



This project, which encompasses two seperate contracts completed simultaneously, includes the design and construction of eight new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at four sites on Camp Pendleton and also includes the renovation of six buildings. Bid Pack 4 involves the construction of four 4-story BEQs at two seperate sites, and includes the renovation of three existing structures. Bid Pack 7 involves the construction of three 5-story BEQs at the San Mateo site and one 4-story at San Onofre, along with the renovation of three buildings. Each BEQ has its own Community Center with a lounge, internet café, laundry, and theater area. The project will achieve LEED Gold for all structures, surpassing the requirement for Silver certification.


SFSU J. Paul Leonard & Sutro Libraries - San Francisco, CA

- Design-Build seismic upgrade and expansion
- 6-story library facility on active college campus
- Value-engineered savings of $4 million



This design-build project involved the renovation and seismic upgrade of the existing 6-level library on the campus of San Francisco State University as well as the addition of a completely new 5-story structure to house a specialized book retrieval system. The project elements consisted of poured-in-place elevated slabs, shotcrete walls, use of fiber reinforced polymer for building renovation, grading and excavation, erosion control and sustainable design features. Our innovative use of fiber reinforced polymer on this project saved an estimated $4 million off the budget.


Coney Island Boardwalk - Brooklyn, NY

- General Contractor
- Precast Concrete Plank Engineering
- Multiple Boardwalk locations delivered concurrently



Triton Structural completed the project in phases as the boardwalk was to remain fully open to the public throughout the course of construction The project consists of the demolition and removal of existing hardwood decking materials, reconstruction of the concrete foundations, replacement of removed decking materials with a combination of tropical hardwood decking and finished precast concrete planks, reconstruction of electrical and plumbing utilities, as well as site furnishings.

No as-built drawings for the existing boardwalk were available. After completion of the first phase of construction, Triton was able to continually refine the project schedule by having knowledge and experience of the engineering required for the execution of precast concrete planks design provided by the Agency.

The original boardwalk was built in 1923 and renovations have been taking place over the course of the years to make the boardwalk both safe and sustainable for the community.


Alvarado Water Treatment Plant - San Diego, CA

- General Contractor
- New construction and upgrades to existing structures
- Design-assist resulting in cost and schedule savings



The Alvarado WTP has served as the “heart” of San Diego City’s drinking water system for more than fifty years. Plant capacity which was 120 million gallons per day (mgd) will be increased to 200 mgd with the completion of the Upgrade and Expansion Project. This project required partial demolition of both flocculation basins and associated systems and structures, along with construction of new influent, effluent and overflow channels, flocculation basins and flocculation systems. The contract also included modification of the settled water conduit to accommodate conveyance of ozonated settled water. In addition, the Stanek-Penick-Triton team performed a rehabilitation of Sedimentation Basins 1 & 2; removal and replacement of the chain and flight system, replacement of weir plates, and an upgrade of the sludge collection and conveyance system.


UCLA Reagan Medical Center - Los Angeles, CA

- 10-level Advanced Healthcare Facility
- Multiple prime delivery to minimize design and construction time



T.B. Penick & Sons provided site development and partial structural concrete for the Ronald Regan Medical Center at UCLA - the largest construction project in the history of the University of California. The one-million-plus square foot, ten story structure was designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei for Tudor-Saliba-Perini, and it is one of the first buildings in the state constructed in accordance the latest seismic safety requirements. The hospital houses some of the most advanced medical technology in the world, and was designed to withstand and continue functioning following an earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater.


USCD North Campus - San Diego, CA

- Design Build Structural & Architectural Concrete
- 8-Building Educational Complex
- 14-story Dormitory Tower



Penick-Triton self-performed all Architectural Cast-In-Place structural concrete work on this design-build student housing project. The project consists of eight (8) new multi-story buildings located at the University of California San Diego, including a fourteen-story cast in place dormitory. 

Substantial savings were realized in both schedule and cost by continually refining the project schedule and design, while still providing the client with a beautiful product that exceeded their expectations. The interior and exterior concrete walls are permanently exposed to view and are “as is”.  No painting or other treatments are allowed, making this one of the most unique buildings of its type in San Diego.


Marcus Garvey Amphitheater - East Harlem, NY

- General Contractor
- New Bandshell, Multipurpose Room, Seating and Canopy



The reconstruction of the existing amphitheater included a complete demolition of the existing structure and new amphitheater and bandshell. The amphitheater includes a 5,400 SF stage house with a large indoor multi-purpose room and renovations to the existing seating area. Existing benches in the seating area were replaced with new benches with seatbacks, built of a durable recycled plastic. A fabric-tensioned roof canopy was installed to shield a large portion of the audience from the summer sun. Marcus Garvey Park is a well-used neighborhood resource with a deteriorating band shell and amphitheater dating from 1969.


Quechan Hotel & Casino - Yuma, AZ

- Design-Assist 6-story Hotel and 180,000 SF Casino
- Over $1M value-engineered savings
- 4 months duration, a schedule saving of 3 months



Roel came to us with high expectations and an aggressive building schedule. They wanted up-front guaranteed pricing and help through the design phase to reduce the overall cost of the project. The remote location and demanding environmental conditions of this project in Yuma, AZ presented additional challenges.

The in-house design-assist precon service provided on-the-spot structural input and our in-house structural engineers were able to quickly trouble-shoot constructability issues. By redesigning and engineering structural components, the team was able to produce a design that was more efficient in both material usage and schedule to construct – all while cutting over $1 million off the budget.


Oak Grove Bridge - Los Angeles, CA

- Design-Build
- Seismic Retrofit of 2 freeway bridges



This design-build project consists of per­forming Seismic Retrofitting and repairs to two (2) concrete arterial highway bridges built in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The two bridges span two canyons. The West bridge spans the Flint Canyon which has a small stream of water flowing into the Devils Gate Dam. The East bridge spans the Arroyo Seco Canyon, which is at the outlet and overflow of the Devils Gate Dam. The implementation of proper storm water pollution control measures was critical to this project. One of the project require­ments was to implement a series positive storm water pollution control program that would insure no polluted water would come from the construction site and enter the two canyons below the bridges and road sur­faces. Another of the critical aspects of this project is to provide a safe and workable traffic control plan the will allow the project to be built and keep the motoring public informed and safe.


Forest Park Greenhouses - Queens, NY

- General Contractor
- 3 Aluminum Greenhouses
- Specialized Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems



The project includes the demolition, removal and replacement of three greenhouse superstructures. The new low-maintenance aluminum Greenhouse structures with 16mm UV resistant single glass panes are installed on existing concrete foundations which will be reconstructed to finished quality. Specialized shading and environmental control systems, heating systems, plumbing and electrical systems are vital to the life and maintenance of the structure and the living plants inside.

Triton will provide framing and interior improvements, site improvements, as well as the preservation of concrete foundation walls and utility systems to tie all the greenhouses together within the overall Forest Park Greenhouse Facility.

The Park Agency uses the greenhouses, built in 1910, to grow trees and plants for many other city parks.


Marian Medical Center - Santa Maria, CA

- 4-story Acute Care Hospital Facility
- Structural and Site Concrete



The Marian Medical Center is a four-story, 216,000 SF full service, acute-care facility with all private rooms. This new hospital includes 188 rooms, a new Newborn Intensive Care Nursery, new programs and services, the latest technology and unique patient comfort features.

T.B. Penick-Triton was contracted on the project to perform the concrete demolition, site clearing, mass excavation and backfill for the hospital basement which entails working in conjunction with the pile soldier beam contractor.  In this capacity, the excavation is sequenced as such to provide multi elevations for soldier beam/shoring work.  Penick-Triton will perform all structural concrete including footings, handset formed walls that follow installation of structural steel beams, columns,  two underground concrete tunnels and four levels of lightweight concrete on metal deck.  Additionally, we have been tasked with providing the rebar and waterproofing work for the project.  Other areas of the work include the Loading Dock, site walkways, courtyard, providing and installing floor mats, fountain, tree grates, loading dock equipment, and stairs.


Aircraft Hangars, West Apron Naval Air Facility - El Centro, CA

- Design-Build dual double-bay Aircraft Hangars
- Significant value-engineered savings
- Completed 8 months ahead of schedule



This design-build project involves the construction of two new 32,000 square foot hangers. Specific items of work are demolition, grading, drainage, underground utilities, cast-in-place concrete, pre-engineered building structure, installation of specialized fire fighting equipment, apron paving and erosion control. T.B. Penick’s expertise with structural concrete was a critical and cost saving benefit to the design of the structures. During the design stage, Penick-Triton led a value-engineering effort to save hundreds of thousands dollars in materials usage on the project, and was able to deliver the successful completion of the project eight months ahead of schedule.


Chino Hills Government Center & Parking Structure - Chino Hills, CA

- Design-Build Government Administration Complex
- Adjacent 5-level Parking Structure
- Extensive dewatering and site logistics



The Chino Hills Government Center project includes four public buildings and an adjacent parking structure with subterranean and aboveground parking. The Government Center consists of a 30,000 SF police station, a 59,000 SF City Hall building, an 18,000 SF fire administration headquarters, and a 28,000 square foot library. The 5-level parking structure totals 144,261 SF with a capacity of 419 parking stalls, and consisted of one subterranean level and 4 elevated parking levels with 2 entrances, one from the north and another from the south. The scope of work consisted of dewatering, earthwork, concrete, electrical, elevators, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, site concrete, striping and signage.