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Coney Island Boardwalk - Brooklyn, NY

- General Contractor
- Precast Concrete Plank Engineering
- Multiple Boardwalk locations delivered concurrently



Triton Structural completed the project in phases as the boardwalk was to remain fully open to the public throughout the course of construction The project consists of the demolition and removal of existing hardwood decking materials, reconstruction of the concrete foundations, replacement of removed decking materials with a combination of tropical hardwood decking and finished precast concrete planks, reconstruction of electrical and plumbing utilities, as well as site furnishings.

No as-built drawings for the existing boardwalk were available. After completion of the first phase of construction, Triton was able to continually refine the project schedule by having knowledge and experience of the engineering required for the execution of precast concrete planks design provided by the Agency.

The original boardwalk was built in 1923 and renovations have been taking place over the course of the years to make the boardwalk both safe and sustainable for the community.