Canyon Crest Academy - San Diego, CA

- Multi-level Educational Facility
- Extensive reatining wall system
- Sustainable features incorporated into design



Canyon Crest Academy is a state-of-the-art educational facility, composed of a series of buildings and courtyards staged at different elevations and supported by an extensive retaining wall system. This beautiful campus, situated on a sprawling 25-acre site, is comprised of: three 2-story classroom buildings with laboratories on the first floor and classrooms on the second; a 2-story fine arts building with a covered concrete walkway on the second floor that connects to the classrooms; a 2-story administarion building; a seperate 350-seat theater with cantilevered stage above an orcestra pit, with 35' tall concrete stage walls, an adjoining lobby, prop and production rooms; a 2-story gymnasium with three basketball courts surrounded by a second floor walkway, with locker rooms, a weight room, gymnastics room, dance room and administrative offices; a cafeteria with adjoining maintenance and storage buildings; ball fields, parking and athletic facilities.

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